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A male nudist, especially at a nude beach, clothing optional hot springs, etcetera.
Hey look, that nudie has got a woody!
by jacero10 August 18, 2006
Get naked, especially to irritate someone of the same sex.
If a buddy is sleeping over, I'll nude up so he won't sleep with me in the double bed.
by jacero10 August 18, 2006
When guyz hang out naked such as skinny dipping or at a nudie party. One cannot hang it and have a woody at the same time.
Drunk and stoned, we're now just hangin it by the pool like a bunch of nudies.
by Jacero10 August 20, 2006
A combination of bare assed and buck naked. Another form is buck ass nekkid. Usually applies to a drunk frat boy types in innocent homo-erotic situations while hard drinking with their buddies.
Josh: "Hey, that Chad guy is buck ass naked and sportin' a semi."

Jake: "Yep, he's a nudie."

Jeremy: (as he drops his boxers) "Yeah, he'll nude up any time, anywhere."
by Jacero10 August 20, 2006
The more polite form of buck ass naked. Required attire for skinny dipping with ur pals and for hangin it at nudie parties.
Josh: "Who's the hairy dude?"
Jeremy: (while dropping his boxers) "Oh, that's Chad. He got all bare ass and turned our last thing into a nudie party.
by Jacero10 August 20, 2006

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