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Smega is a cheesy-like substance which can build up in the genitila area. Usually occuring in the male genetilia, this substance has a cottage-cheese like texture and creamy in colour, it build up around the edges of the head of the male's penis. This mostly happens for men who have not been circumzized, considering the foreskin covering skin, thus germs/bacteria build up may lead to this fungus growth. It most likely has a fowl smell and people may not like knowing that you have smegma growth. Your partner will not appreciate either. To clean, take your tooth-brush and gently scrub the circumfrence of the head of your penis. Simply rinse the brush and you're set. To avoid re-occurences of smegma build up, you should consider cirzumsizion, or, if you are circumzized, soap your shaft on a regular basis to keep hygiene in tact.
Cory noticed a fowl, musty tinge protruding from his genetila. In shock, he analyzed the oozy-fungus growing on his mandhood, he determined it was the infamous, smegma. He pulled back his foreskin and witnessed a light-yellow-creamy-like substance growing like a fungus on a mushroom, but around the rim of his penis head. He quickly took his toot-brush and scrubbed it off. To prevent this, he frequently cleaned under his foreskin and washed his shaft.
by Jacekkk November 03, 2006

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