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Pronounced; Chi-tee Chi-tee Coo-mon-ding-ah

A mythological creature which can be loosely described as an African leprechaun which is evidently exclusively female, or at least tends to mostly be female. This entity of Uguban folklore is known to be infamously tricky, untrustworthy, of wicked/unkind sentiment and also physically small in proportion (like it's Irish counterparts) as well as hideously ugly. For this reason, the term "Chitty Chitty Cumandinga" is sometimes used to describe an ordinary human female who is unfortunately unattractive.

Cuban transexual nightlife celebrity, runway/photographic model and actor/actress Sophia Lamar is vastly knowledgeable when it comes to the subject of the little known Chitty Chitty Cumandinga, as revealed in Johnny McGovern's bi-weekly "Gay Pimpin" podcast entertainment installment, mentioning there to some degree that this mythological beast of folklore has intentions to cause others harm, perhaps via mystical means and also through such devices as stealing and ordinary trickery.
Sophia Lamar: "My good friend for many year, he say his mother look like Diana Ross, you know, like a Godess...and when I see her...she look like boom boom boom...she look like Chitty Chitty Cumandinga."

Studio Audience: <after bursting into hysterics> "What? What the Hell is a Chitty Chitty Cumandinga?"

Sophia Lamar: "A Chitty Chitty Cumandinga is...an African leprechaun...she tricky, she lie to you and try to do thing like tha."
by Jace Jackson July 29, 2008
This is a sexual practice maintained by homosexuals in which one male's ejaculatory fluid (semen, spunk, cum, jizz, sperm, load) is used as lubrication on another man's penis. This method of lubrication may then be utilized to allow aid in penetrative anal sex, or simply to enhance hand relief (wank, handjob)

While more commonly practiced than most hetrosexuals would imagine by the general homosexual public, the act of gluegunning can also be seen in many gay pornographic workings.
Person 1: Oh fuck, he just jizzed and then rubbed it all over that other guys dick...then shoved it up his ass!

Person 2: It's called gluegunning, son!
by Jace Jackson August 10, 2009
Terminology used to typically describe a caucasian male who has the innate ability to move in on the female lovers of black men and successfully steal them away. Such a man is often blessed with a particularly charismatic swagger, uncompromising tenacity, advanced sexual skill and perhaps most importantly a penis so epic in proportion that it often easily out-impresses any Afrocentric competiton.
Person 1: "Check it out, it only took cracka a week to turn that ho out."

Person 2: "Fuckin' shadow bumper!"
by Jace Jackson July 29, 2008
1; A derogatory term used to describe a black person; in reference to the historical cotton picking forced upon African slaves.

2; Someone who belongs to a specific genre of persons who pursue sexual relationships, whether momentary or prolonged, with people of Asian ethnicity in a manner that is at least somewhat exclusive.

3; Somebody who likes to remove tampons from a vagina not belonging to them, consenting or otherwise.
Example 1;

Black Guy: "Fuck you cracka!"

White Guy: "Fuck you, cotton farmer!"

Example 2;

Person 1: "That guy's always fuckin' Asian chicks."

Person 2: "Word, he's a fuckin' cotton farmer!"

Example 3;

Fratboy 1: "What's with this guy's wastebin, it's full of used tampons?!"

Fratboy 2: "Oh that sick fucker...you didn't know he was a cotton farmer?"
by Jace Jackson July 29, 2008
1; A person who is somehow naturally capable of indicating whether or not a person has any African genetic heritage, in spite of the fact that generally they may seem merely causasian to others.

2; Someone who can inexplainably sense when a black person is involved in any one given situation, often including a consequential sense of blame upon the person.
Example 1;

Person 1: "Don't let that Britney lookin' broad fool you, she's got a little sometin' sometin' in her."

Person 2: "You heard it boys...the boo stinker has spoken!"

Example 2;

Person 1: "What? Someone messed up your ride? It was that black motherfucka whose girl tried to hit you up last month!"

Person 2: "Shit boo stinker, you gifted son!"
by Jace Jackson July 29, 2008
A word to describe a particularly fleshy, protrusive and/or bulbous outer-vaginal area that is visible to the eye (when the female is naked), usually involving distinct vaginal lips.
Guy 1: "Check out the troutpout on that stripper!"

Guy 2: "Christ! I'd let her snag my bait any time!"
by Jace Jackson August 09, 2008
A word used typically to describe a person who is blinded by a solopsistic brand of naiveté to such a specification that he, or indeed she, believes themselves to be of far greater value than they in fact are. An erronous yet unforgivably arrogant and falsely egotistical state of self which is often met with the punishing distain of it's better-knowing observers.

Those who can be defined with this word often create spectacles of themselves to draw attention to the value they believe to exist there. Most of the time, even though often surrounded by a number of people who are foolishly taken in by their projections of self worth, such people have many unimpressed peers who find it difficult not to ridicule them frequently for being so egocentrically and mistakenly abhorrent in their pretentiousness.

The personification of fool's gold.
Spectator 1: "Yo, that white kid is fly, check out his bling and his rims and shit."

Spectator 2: "You're kidding right? That's one beamy motherfucker right there!"
by Jace Jackson August 05, 2008

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