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Stunnas- is big glasses, crazy lookin glasses, eye wear that blocks the sun.

Stuntin- when you rockin your stunna shades
I got my stunnas on feel me

Bitch im stuntin
by Jaccie-O June 21, 2006
When you wild'n out, hoppin on top of cars, scrappin, giggin, Yellin out "YEEEE" "Like WAAAHH" "AAAYYY", Sayin Yadadi Mean, shakin yah hair, Slappin music, Ghost ridin..another word you " GOING DUMB".. yah all ready no.
I go dumb in white tee.

by Jaccie-O June 21, 2006
Yay Area Slang for going dumb off that 1800 jose cuervo tequila
Bay area Remix to Laffy Taffy

" you stupid hyphy dummy yellow bus we in da club
i go 18 dummy go dumb go dumb i go 18 dummy go dumb go dumb"
by Jaccie-O June 21, 2006
Thizz- Another word for Ecstacy.
Thizz'n- When you off a pill and you feelin yah self
Im funna Thizz tonight.. and do it Live

My nigga im Thizzin..im hella feelin myself
by Jaccie-O June 21, 2006
Smacked is when you start feelin the pill take affect.

Smackers- Another word for ecstacy pills
" Damn my nigga im dummy smacked."

"Call that beezie for some smackers."
by Jaccie-O June 21, 2006

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