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2 definitions by Jabr0ni

Disloyal Spouce


(a)To Cheat (b) to Sneak Behind your spouces back

Whore = Hoe

Slut + Hoe = Shoe

Shoe = Sneaker.

Credit to Juan Gonzalez For this Word
Devin: Yo what happend Between you and Anna

Jay: Fuck that Bitch Dawg, She's A God Damn Sneaker
by Jabr0ni August 31, 2005
Corner Deli.

Can be used as a derogitory term twards women meaning slut (got meat in you)

"How could you cheat on me like that, I Hate you You Bodega"

"Hey Yo, I'm starved lets go down to the bodega and get us a sandwidch bro"
by Jabr0ni August 31, 2005