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Something to say when you experience something astonishing or amazing.
Captain Kirk's Nipples that was an awesome movie.
by Jables246 November 02, 2009
When a booger in your nose is in just the perfect position inside your nose that when you exhale out of your nose it makes a very high-pitched whistling sound.
I need to go blow my nose I had a nose whistle during the whole movie.
by Jables246 June 10, 2009
1. A laxative suppository. N.
2. A fart followed by some semi-solid material coming out. N.
1. Dude, I used an ass grenade today, and I was on the toilet for hours.
2. I gotta go home and change clothes, I pulled a real ass grenade back there.
by Jables246 August 12, 2009
The greatest band in the world.
Tenacious D = Greatest band known to man.
by Jables246 February 23, 2009
The act of making love to a woman.
Referring to the "countdown" until you ejaculate or just ejaculation.
Dude, I would so totally give that girl The Final Countdown.
by Jables246 September 18, 2009
A GRR RAWR hybrid word
Jacob: GRR
Brittany: RAWR
Jacob: GRAWR
by Jables246 February 15, 2009

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