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A combination between the words blessed and testicles.
When a male has blessticles, they are blessed with the size of their testicles.
Person 1: Dude, whats up with your nuts?
Person 2: I can't help it, I was born with blessticles
by Jaapisgay? June 19, 2009
A combination between the words stress and testicles
It describes the state in which a male occurs when he is so stressed that it even can be felt in his balls.
Person 1: Hey, whats up dude?
Person 2: My exams are tomorrow and I didn't even start studying, I'm so stressed!
Person 1: Typical case of stressticles!
by Jaapisgay? June 19, 2009
A combination of the words less and testicles
When a male suffers from a abnormality in size or number of nuts. This can either be having small nuts, only one nut or no nuts at all.
Gay 1: Dude whats wrong with your sack?
Gay 2: They had to amputate my left testicle... it sucks!
Gay 1: You're having lessticles!
by Jaapisgay? June 19, 2009
An annual handball tournament which is held in Valkenburg, the Netherlands. It is a festivity which people look out for every year, it is visited by thousands of people, 3 days of playing handbal and getting wasted.
Hey, how was this years Iason tournament?
Yeah it was awesome, except for the weather
by Jaapisgay? June 13, 2009

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