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it depends on what type of girl ;)
Chavy girls - only go for chaves and looks usually for money or popularity or sex, totally ignore there real feelings for normal, nice and true guys then when they get there feelings crushed by a chavy boy they say to there friends i wish i could meet a nice guy when they actually have ignored them usually dress in skin tight clothes to show off there figures for sex and are very loud!

Normal girl - Very sensitive and polite depending on what time of month it is ( periods! ) secretive and usually shy but very cute ;)
All my eg's of girls are in the Definiton :)
by JaY Me June 12, 2007
where someone has got a beautiful booty but say it in a way that sounds like beautiful so if they hear u, u can just say beautiful
(Girl walks in front of 2 males)
Male1: Gosh look at that it's bootyful!
Male2: Ye sure is!
Female: What did you just say!!
Male: I said you're beautiful ^^
by JaY Me June 16, 2007

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