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388 definitions by JaY

Another expression for the terms Idiot, nobber. prat or something along the same lines.
<bob> hahah bib i did ur missus the other day
<bib> shut up bob u stupid cheef
by Jay July 07, 2004
cool and all its counterparts is played out. Sexy is a far better choice.
That ride is sexy. ect ect
by jay March 14, 2005
emotion at its finest
by jay September 29, 2003
esse /ess-sá/ n. a male gangsta of Hispanic ethnicity
"Hey, que honda, esse? Whass wit' dat crazy sombrero, mang?"
by Jay January 19, 2003
a faggot who loves to have sex with men
i saw two yannicks kissing the other day
by jay December 09, 2004
a very long, solid peice of shit. sometimes so large in gurth it makes one cry or grap thier ankles and really push.
i had the biggest log today
by Jay May 10, 2003
the prostate when found through the asshole. is said to trigger ejaculation
"tap that prostate, hit that g spot!"
by Jay May 10, 2003