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1. A link to graphically violent, disgusting, or sexual web content.

2. A warning that the link provided should not be opened while at school, at work, or while children are present.
Sue mistakenly clicked the iblis link at work and got fired when her supervisor realized that she was looking at a picture of him fellatiating goats.
by JaNell Golden December 30, 2003
A universal, standard system of ordering lists that includes symbols, letters, and numbers in a manner compatible with computer programming and internet use as well as standard English.

See: Alphanumeric & Alphameric
She was finally able to organize her files in a rational way by reprogramming her computer to run correct symalphameric order.
by JaNell Golden December 30, 2003
1. Believing oneself to be more intelligent than, having a right to dominate, or being owed sex from women because one possesses testicles.
2. Having the belief that one is attractive simply because they are male.
3. Allowing oneself to behave in ways that one chastises women for.
4. Describing mental conditions resulting from testoterone poisoning.
He had a rather egotesticle attitude about women's appearances, without bothering to to address his own.
by JaNell Golden December 30, 2003
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