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sexual pleasure by means of a person's hands and fingers; umbrella term for 'hand job', 'pussy fingering', 'ass fingering', and even 'fisting'
Guy: Fine, you won't do mouth stuff, how about some hand stuff?
Girl: You are such an idiot.
Guy: An idiot with the biggest donger you've ever seen, now rub one out for me!
by J_akespeare July 15, 2011
Oral pleasure performed with one person's mouth on another's genitalia; umbrella term for 'fellatio', 'anilingus', 'cunniligus', and 'dirty ball sucking'
Guy: Can we do some mouth stuff later?
Girl: What, are you in junior high?
Guy: So that's a yes, or, what, what is that? A yes?
by J_akespeare July 15, 2011
1. When one's weiner is not played with by one or more parties; The opposite of 'Weiner fun time'.
2. When one's weiner is handled by another party without satisfaction
1. Tiffany and her friend didn't touch it last night, it was weiner sad time.
2. Tiffany was so awful with hand-stuff and mouth-stuff I had to tell her to stop, it was weiner sad time.
3. I was too drunk to get it up for Tiffany and I had weiner sad time.
by J_akespeare July 15, 2011
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