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A hybrid of Japanese and Irish.

If one is looking for Irish and Jewish then they should call them Irew.
Hey my mommy is Irish and my daddy is Japanese. What does that make me?


by J_Jammer January 08, 2009
Sitting watching either a movie, a play, a speech, a sporting event, or any other event that would have you seated and you are bored and in your boredom you fidget in your chair to find a suitable and comfortable position to continue not enjoying what you're viewing.

When wanting to inform someone in your party of how you are developing a seat rash it is best to do so in a whisper for everyone knows that whispering denotes importance and if you whisper you have seat rash you will have their attention and no one else will hear your private conversation. Though if they know their Urban Dictionary those that are watching will know what kind of problem you are having.
*whispers* This guy is giving me a case of the seat rash. When is he going to shut up? Better yet when are we gettin' out of here?

*whispers* This movie is such a seat rasher.
by J_Jammer January 21, 2009
Hybrid of an Irish and a Jewish mommy and daddy.
I see you scribbled in Irew here on race. What the hell?

Irish and Jewish hybrid, duh!
by J_Jammer January 08, 2009

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