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noun, person; a cooler pirate is that little basturd that sneaks beer out of someones cooler when they are not paying attention at an outside party.

(inside party is a fridge pillager)
"Oh, damn, Tommy and Sara are here."
"They steal beer all the time, watch your shit!"
"They do? Fucking Cooler Pirates"
by J_Hawk08 November 12, 2007
noun, Person; a person that usually is a cockhole that steals other peoples beer out of the fridge at a party, they usually come in pairs

(an outside party is a cooler pirate)
"Dude I only have 6 beers left and I've only had 4"

"What the hell, dude, there must be a fridge pillager here somewhere. Assholes."
by J_Hawk08 November 12, 2007
adj, anything that is hella cool, it has to be dope as hell
Dude, that Mustang is masterfly.
by J_Hawk08 November 14, 2007
"Vruet" vr-u-et, verb, "vruet" is an spoken word that you use when poking someone, mostly in the ribs, side, arm, shoulder, back, leg, pretty much any part of the human anatomy. "Vruet" is used everytime you connect a poke, and is used very often, it is also used with phrases like "Your Mum" and "Your mum's twat..."

Synomyms: wahoo, vroo
Dude, if you vruet me one more time then I am going to beat the shit out of you. (vrueting is very annoying)
by J_Hawk08 November 12, 2007
verb, game, a drinking game where everyone gets totally obliterated

need: deck of cards, tons of beer

Rules: If your draw

1-5, you yourself must drink them all

6- is bathroom break you cannot leave the table without this(often used to skip out of a waterfall)

7-10- take your number minus five then you can give them all to one person or spit the drinks (if you draw 9 you can give one person 4 drinks or you can give 2 people 2 drinks or 4 people 1 drink, you get the point)

Jack- Penises drink one, all guys drink one

Queen- Vaginas drink one

King-make a rule

Ace- Water fall the person that drew the card starts drinking and everyone else has to start at the same time then when he/she stops only the person on his/her left can stop then after their done the person one thier left and so on so forth untill everyone has stopped chugging

Rule: during a waterfall if you finish your beer you are done no matter your order, not drinking during waterfall results in beer chug, or the finishing of all you have left
Dude lets get tanked, grab some cards, lets play waterfall.
by J_Hawk08 November 12, 2007
noun, person, a beer natzi is the life of the party that is hell bent on a total genocide of all the beer at the party, he/she is the reason that you are hammered, thye won't let anyonepass out untill all the beer is gone
(beer natzi speaking) "Dude get up you have to finish your beer off, now."
by J_Hawk08 November 12, 2007
verb, it is a game played where when everyone is standing around babysitting then you run up and tap everyones drink forcing them to take a swig of whatever they are holding,

Rules: you must hit the beer/bottle/cup if you hit the hand or they block it, it doesn't count

if they have beer in thier pockets, you can tap them(as long as they are sticking out, throught the coat does not count) and they must open them and drink out of them

the last rule only applies if the beer is in the pockets of the cloths they are wearing not unguarded cases
When I was beer tapping they learned to hide there beer as I came through. So they couldn't get tapped and have to drink
by J_Hawk08 November 12, 2007
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