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M.U.G.E.N Creators are people who create content for the 2D fighting game engine called M.U.G.E.N. However, many creators are emotional, immature assholes, whose main objective is not to keep the MUGEN community alive, but to stroke their fragile egos.

It mostly has to do with the practice dubbed ‘warehousing’, the act of hosting the creations of others without permission, because god forbid people using the Internet for its intended purpose! Who in their right mind would feel offended, if their work is being spread on the Internet? Creators who think that it diminishes the number of hits their own site gets, of course!

Because site hits are what really matter, amirite?

Never mind the fact that more people would actually visit their sites, for updates for characters, stages, etc. since their website address is usually in the readme file, along with the version number, etc. (That is, if the authors isn’t an idiot). Perhaps they think gamers are morons who can't follow a link in a text file?

So basically the people who warehouse and share the creations, unspoiled and unedited, and the authors who just make characters for the fun of it, are keeping the community alive by spreading the word of MUGENs existence, while the pathetic dramawhores who insists on possessive centralism are hindering MUGENs growth, which would bring more creators to the scene, thereby bringing more people, etc. etc.

Were it not for MUGEN megapacks, Youtube videos and the creators who freely spread their creations, the MUGEN community would be a club of mere hundreds.

If you just want to download a character for MUGEN, without sucking the creators cock (i.e. going through 100 sites with broken links to find a single character or stage), you're a "leech", since you don’t (or can’t) give anything back. If you host another person’s creation, you’re a doing an unimaginable wrong, even if you don‘t stand to gain anything at all! Creators bitch and moan about how they're doing you a service by hosting it, but many won't let others do it for them! Perhaps they're just in it for the attention?

Some MUGEN creators are so immature and feeble, that warehousing makes them go private and close their sites in a fit of egocentric rage. So instead of realizing that such actions are inevitable, they basically ‘punish’ everyone, for the actions of a few. Although, most likely the creator just got tired of MUGEN, who knows.

Considering the fact that it is very difficult to create something for MUGEN, and even considering the fact that the MUGEN creation is owned by the creator (the code, the edited sprites, etc.), it still doesn’t change the fact that it makes it difficult for newcomers to experience MUGEN, and therefore stops the flow of new MUGEN creators and creations.
M.U.G.E.N Creators; the main reason why the MUGEN community is dying.
by JZ88 February 12, 2007
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