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A 35,000-year-old warrior from the lost city of Atlantis who conquered 2/3 of the known world in his day. Ramtha is 7ft tall with long beautiful fingers and spends his days in the body of JZ Knight by lowering his frequency to that of physical mass. Ramtha usually hangs out in the town centered upon this whacked religion--Yelm, WA. Here many people follow his teachings and find themselfs walking drunk and blindfolded through mazes. Ramtha recently made his big screen appearence in the film "What the Bleep do we Know?" This movie was made by members of the cult (although they prefer to call it a school) in order to brain wash people into their way of thinking. The film features many discredited scientists as well as Ramtha channeled through the body of JZ Knight.
I saw Ramtha the Enlightend One this weekend in the movie What the Bleep do we Know?!
by JZ Knight June 06, 2005
Follower and channel for the great 35000-year-old Ramtha from the lost city of Atlantis! Words from JZ, "In 1977 in my kitchen, in February, in Tacoma, Washington I was playing with pyramids that we used to dehydrate food. I put one on my head and I thought, well, if this will do this to baloney, what will it do with my brain? So I put it on my head and started laughing. And I picked it up and there was this glitter at the end of my little kitchen — this glitter, like you would take a handful and turn it loose through a ray of sunshine — and there were these lights happening at the end of my kitchen, and I was just mesmerized. And there appeared this seven-foot-tall entity who was as big as life and the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life. And he had this big beautiful smile on his face. He had long fingers and long hands, black dancing eyes. And he looked at me and he said, “Beloved woman, I am Ramtha the Enlightened One, and I have come to help you over the ditch.” And, well, what would you do? And I didn’t understand that because I am a simple person, so I looked to see if the floor was still underneath the chair. And he said, “It is called the ditch of limitation.” And he said, “I am here, and we are going to do grand work together.”
JZ Knight made millions of dollars as a cult leader.
by JZ Knight June 06, 2005

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