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The real name of the 44th president of the United States. An absolute fraud of a human being, lying and promising preposterous scenarios if elected. Despite not having any experience or discernible talent, aside from the ability to read a TelePrompTer, convinced millions of lemmings with the help of a complicit media, of every age, race and creed to actually vote for him in November of 2008. After almost a full term in office, it became increasingly obvious that not only did his lack of experience hinder his ability, but he was not the genius that he was billed to be, but instead a far-left, obtuse, unyielding, narcissistic, class warfaring, Marxist, idealogical dolt. Absolutely in over his head, he is either purposely leading the United States to the presipice of destruction or too dense to turn it around. Either way it's terrifying.
"Dude did you hear Barry Obama say there were 57 states? What an absolute clusterfuck!"
"Hey, did you see Barry Obama mispronounce 'Corpsman' over and over in front of military personnel? What an embarrassing moron."
by JWrod December 10, 2011

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