1 definition by JWerthBombs28

everything that you do is just so disgusting, in high school your never late for lunch, you turn people off right when they walk in the room, most of the time a meatbag is overweight, and wears no brandname clothes or shoes.
Person 1 "Did you see what kind of clothes and shoes hes waering. They look like he took them from a dumpster."
Person 2 "Yeah, that kids a real meatbag."

Person 1 "Did he just eat 30 peices of pizza and then puke it all up and laugh about it like its cool?"
Person 2 "Yeah, just a huge meatbag."

Person 1 "Holy crap, did you see how fast he ran to the lunch room?"
Person 2 "Meatbags are never late when foods involved."
by JWerthBombs28 October 18, 2010

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