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Medium-sized upper middle class suburban Massachusetts town 30 miles North of Boston,located in Essex County. Used to be fairly historical, rural and working class- a former "poor man's Andover". Recent slash and burn developments have changed its face. It is known for having youths who throw awesome ragers at their parents' Mcmansions, since the parents are perpetually on vacation and don't give a shit about their little brats. North Andover youths typically are of above average intelligence and have lots of financial resources, but typically throw it all way on beer, heroin, and LSD during the high school years. They tend to listen to jam bands and crappy classic rock on WZLX. Typically they shoot for ZooMass but end up not even finishing out a semester at NECCo. Frequent hang-out spots include dumps like Denny's, Dunkin' Donuts, Harrison's Roast Beef, The 99, The Loft, Rolph's Tavern, The Frosty Mug, The Claddaugh Pub, and The Beijing.
Hey, you are meaning to tell me that the washed-up hippy kid drop-out working at Harrison's Roast Beef is the son of a Fidelity executive and that hot-ass MILF? He must be from North Andover then.
by JWR III December 04, 2005
Slang term for what hot Asian girls call their own vagina while talking dirty during sex. Similar to the use of the word "pussy".
Enter big dick in my punami- oh yeah, me love you long time.
by JWR III December 04, 2005
A totally large and nasty dump, usually brought on by a combination of Dunkin' Donuts coffee, Chinese food, and Miller Lite.
Ah fuck, pull over. I have to take a mad screamer.
by JWR III December 05, 2005

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