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Shortening a word. (usually by removing the final syllable)

Origin: Spanish language
"Grande" is apocopated to "Gran" when before a singular noun in the spanish language.

Internal Portmanteau is an example of apocopation.
by JWBPhayz June 04, 2009
Pronounce: "Paw-toe"

Verb. - The action of forming a portmanteau.

(Note: Porteau is an example of a internal portmanteau, where a word is shortened or apocopated by joining its two ends at a common letter - here 't'.)
On many sitcoms, an easy way to make a joke is to have a character porteau new words.

Examples: Friends - "Fricken" (fried chicken) - Chandler
............... HIMYM - "Visitivity" (vision creativity) - Barney
by JWBPhayz June 04, 2009
This term describes the many abbreviations and acronyms that are used when people converse over the internet, i.e. online lingo.

Examples of onlingo:

rofl - roll on floor lauging

afk - away from keyboard

ppl - people

nvm - never mind
Please refrain from using onlingo on this site, as we have many international users who are not familiar with this.

My dad has started to use onlingo in texts! Really surprised me when he wrote OMG! - i was like OMG!
by JWBPhayz December 21, 2009
Causing a word to become shorter by joining the ends at a common letter. Can be done more than once in long words, or phrases.

IP = Internal Portmanteau
Examples of Internal Portmanteau:

Television --> Tevion (2 IP's) (pronounced "teh-vyun")

Mathematician --> Matician (1 IP) (pronounced "ma-tish-un")

Fabulous! --> Fabus! (1 IP) (pronounced "fab-ous")
by JWBPhayz June 04, 2009
(Pronounce - "ex-arm-pluh-nay-shun")

Explanation through use of an example.

Also: referenced as "exam - planation" - i.e. has extended definition of:

Preparation for an exam, by explanation of the topics through use of examples.
Professor Mosby taught them Pythagorus' Theorum through examplanation.
by JWBPhayz June 04, 2009
"The worst thing", but with more severity and vulgarity.

cf: crapness

Also used as an exclamation, in place of a swear word.
We'll have to get up at 5; but the cruddance is that we won't be seeing a bed again for 48hrs!

Cruddance! I just stepped on a cactus.
by JWBPhayz July 22, 2009
When one has suffered numerous frapes on Facebook. One is likely to have become fregnant, and should expect a faby in around 9 months.
Dave commented 19:26: "You get fraped so much. You must be fregnant by now!"
by JWBPhayz April 04, 2011

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