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A place that is full of fun.
Its full of tits, fanny and Forest and Nottingham is full of fun.
by JW Pepper December 09, 2003
Say "ave it" when you kick or punch something really hard.
ave it you bastard (kick) looking at my bird was yer (kick)
by JW Pepper December 22, 2003
A mish mash of pardon me and excuse me.
excardon me, I thought these were the gents toilets.
by JW Pepper December 23, 2003
A pint of a well known irish drink thats good for you.
Barman - Evening Trevor, what can I get you?

Trevor - Pint of Shit please, I've ad a proper bastard of a day.
by JW Pepper December 23, 2003
A rather silly word that means having a cigarette.
Just popping outside for skiddly - give me a shout when the kettle's boiled.
by JW Pepper December 23, 2003
A thing middle aged men do to try and cover up bald patches using what little hair they have got left.
Me and Bobby Charlton
by JW Pepper December 23, 2003
Geographically part of Spain but actually owned by the UK.

Hardly surprising that it annoys some spanish people.
Gibraltar. A place where unarmed freedom fighters can get shot in the back.
by JW Pepper January 20, 2004

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