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A great movie that should have made a lot more money and would have if not for that trendoid Pirates movie. It documented the return of Superman after a five year absence. He finds the world has moved on without him, including Lois Lane who now has a 5 year old. (hmmm...)

Great effects, great story and a few genuinely touching moments. Hated on by teenage twits who have no idea what a relationship is, as well as comic loyalists who can't stand to see anything but their own personal version of Superman on the screen. Said loyalists spend most of their time bitching about it on forums such as IMDb, and then cry afterwards while masturbating to their downloaded nude picture of Lois Lane.

As for the general masses going to Pirates instead, it's not a big surprise. Look at pop music, and then imagine it being superimposed onto the big screen. You get POTC: Dead Man's Chest.
Superman Returns is the best movie I've seen all year.

Like, we were gonna see Superman Returns, but like instead we decided to go see Pirates so we can see Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp one more time...they're so hot! OMG, OMG!

by JVAN August 11, 2006
Hippie term used to describe a mullet. Coincidently many hippie words start with a schw...schwilly, schwag, etc...
That dude is rockin' a schwooby man!

I know man, right on...
by JVAN February 02, 2006

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