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A girl who curls her hair into ringlets and perfect spirals, then brushes them out, and teases her hair, so that it has the illusion of going through a blender. A blender girl is usually refereed to as a "sceney" or someone trying to be scene. They also are usually disrespectful to their peers, and equals.
Wow, that girl's hair is so messed, she must be a blender girl.
by Jujubeemarie December 29, 2010
A site that has disgusting pictures, along with disgusting people. This site consists of blogging, and complaining. Low life scum more commonly use this site. While more sophisticated, and morally correct people use tumblr.
He's so gross, and morally corrupt, I bet he has a 4chan.
by JUJUBEEMARIE December 29, 2010
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