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When one posts links to unusually grotesque pictures of pornography via formspring.com. It is usually done anonymously and to someone that the sender does not like.
Person 1:"Ali just signed into her formspring, and in her inbox she found a link to www.tubgirl.com"

Person 2:"Oh man, she totally got pornspringed!"
by JUDYizm March 02, 2010
As opposed to a main account, a side account is usually an account used to troll online boards or can be used to hold things that cannot be held on a main account; like an extension of the main account.
Eg. 1: That person is obviously a troll and that person is obviously using their side account, I wonder what their main is...

Eg. 2: I can't have anymore Neopets on my main, so I'll just make a side account to hold some more pets!
by JUDYizm April 05, 2010

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