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The pseudo-hobo is usually a younger homeless man that is homeless not due to hardships or mental disorders but rather from disillusioned hippy ideals and/or an addiction to laziness and often crystal meth. Pseudo-hobos thrive in college towns where they try to land naive college girls, who will offer them a couch to crash on much to the dismay of her roommates.

They are most easily spotted by their grundgy apparel usually consisting of baggy clothes or hipstery clothing. They almost always are near a public computer wear they can get easy access to porn and myspace accounts.
"Dude someone has to let me borrow their phone! I just got this girls number on myspace"-Pseudo-hobo #1

"Shut up I'm busy jerking off on this public computer"-Pseudo-hobo #2
by JTTTTTTTTTTT June 22, 2010

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