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Nickname for the Ashby Crossing Apartments in Harrisonburg, VA.

Named "Trashby" because Ashby seems to be the craziest of all the off-campus college housing complexes. If you feel like being destructive and hostile to total strangers, just crash a Trashby party, and most likely you won't be castigated for your belligerence, but rather praised. Common sights at Ashby include Reggae Jester Guy, the random fires that break out, Drunk Duke Dog, caved in balconies, Rent-a-Cops, and Daves/Neighbors (right up the hill...an overpriced haven for hungry drunks).
John: Hey, where are you living next year?
Tom: Ashby
John: Ohhh Trashby....sorry, man
Tom: Where are YOU living?
John: Stone Gate
Tom: I hate you

Ashley: Like OMG, I totally hooked up with this guy in the middle of the road last Friday and this cop caught us!
Ashleigh: Like OMG did you get arrested?!
Ashley: Like, no, he totally joined in....I meannn, we were in Trashby!!
by JT4S May 28, 2006

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