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In the context of computer data storage, or data transport costs:

Severely Limited.
XYZ Internet Services offers their Unlimited plan (*).
(*) Which will be limited to x Gigabytes six months after you subscribe.

Mozyhome online cloud data backup services offers our Unlimited plan (*).
(*) Which now is limited to 2 Gigabytes.
by JT The Super Greek February 02, 2011
A saying reputed to be of around WWII era.
Said to a person when they're busy wasting their time running their mouth off complaining over a usually trivial matter.

Much like a child pouts their lower lip when they're not getting their way, "Walking on your lower lip" implies their lip is so far pouted, they risk tripping over it.
"Life is so hard, I can never get ahead, everyone is against me, I'm not popular, and it's all the government's fault"
"Bah, stop walking on your lower lip and do something useful".
by JT The Super Greek May 30, 2013
Popularized by the program Two And A Half Men (Season 9, Episode 10, The war against gingavitis):
The act of performing a drug deal with someone of mexican descent.
Berta's doorbell rings, she hands over a package, receives some cash in exchange and says "gratsias, adios".
Alan asks what that was about, Berta replies "It's Mexican Halloween".
by JT The Super Greek November 10, 2012

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