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A girl who has wrapped herself around the object of her affection, normally during sloppy kissing and with use of at least one leg, so much so that she essentially becomes a belt.
"My mate had this chick all over him outside the pub with both legs off the ground around him. Lucky mofo looked like he was wearing a poon belt!"
by JT Amish May 11, 2009
A cougar you meet outdoors (100% organic) or in a setting that otherwise does not restrict her movement, as opposed to one you meet in a club or at a bar (ie - a "cougar conservation park").
"I'm sick of the same old cougars we see at happy hour - they come with so much baggage and seem so desperate. Meeting one while hiking or at the beach is the better move. That's where the sexy, healthy free-range cougars are."
by JT Amish August 02, 2009
The organic beverage made with one single ingredient*: male sperm.

*Gay body builders have been known to add various protein supplements such as creatine or whey (not that there's anything wrong with this).
KPM: "Dude you'll know if she's naughty or not by whether she'll swallow the DNA Smoothie."

JT: "Oh yeah? What if she spits it out?"

KPM: "Never had that happen dude. Sorry, no advice."
by JT Amish December 15, 2009
The male ejaculate left floating in the tub or shower following masturbation, resembling the marine invertebrate. Generally non-poisonous.
"Dude, go ahead and use my shower but I know you haven't been laid for a while. I better not find any fresh-water jellyfish in there later."

"I would never do such a thing, mate. I'm offended you would suggest it... Any baby oil in the medicine cabinet?"
by JT Amish December 15, 2009
BOMB represents the acronym for "Beat Off Mental Bank." In other words, the images u have in your mind for inspiration during masturbation.
(Two friends at a pub having a drink & checking out the ladies)

Guy #1: "Check out that girl over there in the black shirt."
Guy #2: "Already in my BOMB file, dude."
by JT Amish August 09, 2009
Not a traditional martial art like tae kwon do, but rather the art of talking jive, trash or smack.
Wife: "How did you enjoy that massage, sweetheart?"

Husband: "Sheeeeeeeit, the ending could have been happier."

Wife: "What the hell is your problem?"

Husband: "Girl I got a black belt in tae mofo, you dig?"
by JT Amish April 09, 2010
An amount of pornographic data (equal to 1024 kilobytes) downloaded from the internet.
Dude, watching 3 hours of porn online will use one giggitybyte of your monthly internet allowance.... (crickets chirping) Uhhh, according to my cousin.
by JT Amish April 11, 2011

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