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103 definitions by JT

The blarp is the act of deficating in a bathtub.
Before returning the key to his ex-girlfriend's house, Mike got revenge with a blarp in every bathroom.
by JT April 16, 2005
42 87
think their all cool and hip. they think their soo good looking while their just all a bunch of lil kids roamimg around the streets doing nothing.
i'm AA i run around and try to stab people s o i can be cool!
by jt December 06, 2004
53 106
An odd or ugly look directed at another person.
As a verb: "Don't you ope at me man, it's your fault you failed the test."

As a noun: "You had best wipe that ope off yo face before I bust yo kneecaps motherfucker!"
by Jt September 02, 2005
14 76
aka dick cheese usually found on a uncirc. penis
would you like some fromunda cheese? someone will ask what's that. answer is the cheese from under my dick.
by jt April 06, 2004
34 148
gay, ugly, lil kids trying to be cool, Fags, Losers
aa can go suck cock muther fuker
by jt December 09, 2004
51 195