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103 definitions by JT

New Jerse's Death Metal War Machine and Legion of Goresplattered Lechery. Fronted by madman Matt Medeiros.
Kalopsia's new CD shattered my spine with their brutality the moment I put it in my CD player.
by jt January 13, 2004
10 25
A family restaurant that parents loudly complain that their food is fattening, unhealthy and oppose when a McDonalds is due to open directly opposite their children's school.

Yet regularly hold birthday parties there- for children.
"A McDonalds is opening opposite the so-and-so school"

"Oh my God! That's where my child goes! Well, at least we don't have to travel far when it's their birtday".
by jt July 13, 2003
47 62
Worthless person that lives in a trailer
See "epon"
Did you see epon on Jerry?
by JT March 14, 2005
24 40
an almost mythical group of gangstas thought to control the rough area called north memphis. no one knows if they exist, who they are, or if there is really 10 of them. they are the keysor soze figure of memphis crime, and are often praised by the rap group 3-6 mafia.
watch yo ass for the north memphis 10
by JT February 10, 2004
17 34
Butt boi is the king of the avengers for the anal retreet that is the backside of James.
Budd boi protects the gay and fucks the str8 in hope to make the world a frilly place with loads off rainbows and skittles
Is it a plain, is it a bird, no! its BUTT BOI
by JT June 29, 2004
7 25
a drink old fugs think they just need to drink.
refer to the movie COCKTAIL
by JT October 04, 2004
2 21
A crappy radio station that was once good and played rock from the 70s, 80s, 90s and now such as Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Def Leppard, Queen, Van Halen, Nirvana etc

Now plays crappy punk rock, emo, nu-metal and pop
Change the station... please!
by JT September 16, 2004
7 32