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someone who always whines and complains about getting type killed. Here are some things a type kill bitch and people avoiding type kill bitch status should always keep in mind while gaming:

1. Typing in a battlefield is a stupid idea because you WILL MOST LIKELY get shot.

2. Use a freaking headset if you can't handle keyboard-communications. If you cant afford a headset, pull out your freaking phone and chat live with your allies.

3. But if you absolutely positivley have to type during a battle, be sure to completely hide yourself instead of standing out in the open where you'll die.
Player 1: **HEADSHOT**
Player 2: "...."
Player 2: "Hey faggot I was busy chatting with my gf"
Player 1: "too bad."
Player 2: "Stupid gay little noob I was typing something"
Player 1: "Quit being such a type kill bitch and respawn already."
#type kill #type killer #tk #gamer #fps #noob #respawn #bitch
by JT the man May 14, 2008
someone who always uses an excessive amount of paper. If they're writing an essay in pen and make a mistake, they ball up the paper and take out a new sheet instead of just crossing it out. If they're drawing something and they mess up, they take out a new sheet instead of just using the eraser. You get the idea. The opposite of a tree killer would be a tree hugger, one who is very frugal in their paper usage.
Just imagine this: if your teacher gives 10 papers a week to each student and there's 20 students in your class, that's 10 papers x 20 students x 7 class periods x 36 weeks of school. That's 50,400 papers used by that 1 teacher every school year. What a tree killer!
#tree killer #tree hugger #hippy #school #education #paper
by JT the man March 31, 2008
a genre of music that is all too often stereotyped for being highly materialistic and confused with Hip Hop.

Rap stands for Rhythm and Poetry, not Retards atempting Poetry (and this is for all the urban dictionary drones who copied the first acronym into their definitions).

Ignorant people often mistake rap for guys rhyming about cars, houses, drugs, sex, etc. This is what you'd call "Commercial Rap", that is, rappers who have signed on to huge record labels only to lose control of their self respect, waving their money around in the face of their lower-class counterparts. Commercial Rappers are completely unaware that they are ruining rap's good name by spoiling the lyrical styles with materialistic garbage. Old school rap and new non-crap rap music is called Underground rap.

Ignorant people also confuse rap and hip hop. Here's the difference: Rap is focused almost completley on the lyrics, usually telling a story or expressing one's self in such a way. Hip Hop is focused on the beat/melody, where the hip hop artist, NOT the rapper, is simply adding rhyming phrases to his or her music. Hip Hop is in no way a variation of rap. Occasionaly, a rapper might do a collaboration or remix to a hip hop song, but rarely vice versa.

Examples of good rappers are Tupac Shakur, Nas, Mos Def (the old school rappers), and examples of the Commercial rappers are 50 cent, Lil Wayne, and any rapper/rap group who talks more about what they have than what they could be doing for society, like the good rappers.

Also, this is America: a grossly capitalistic nation, in which our economic advantages and ignorance seep into all kinds of musical genres, unfortunatly Rap the most. The real problem with rap today is that youngsters who want to be rappers aren't influenced by the good old school Tupac-esque rappers anymore; the only thing they hear on radio stations these days is the commercial garbage rap, and thus they want to become a commercial rapper. Tupac would piss all over these fake rappers if he were still alive.

Lastly, rap is not just for black people. Rap music is for EVERYONE...no race can ever "own" a genre of music. Examples of skilled non-black rappers are Eminem, Paul Wall, Cyprus Hill, Daddy Yankee, etc. Hopefully, this definition got through to someone.
Rap is good. Commercial rap sucks. Therefore, Tupac is awesome, 50cent is lame.
#rest #in #peace #tupac #shakur
by JT the man January 03, 2008
1. a chemist who knows a lot about the history and common uses for the element Silicon

2. anyone who prefers breast implants over natural breasts.
1. Mr. J sure knows a lot about silicon and stuff...what a silicon geek!

2. Jimmy said he'd dump his girlfriend unless she got some implants...what a silicon geek!
#silicon #silicon valley #breasts #boobs #tits #implants #slut
by JT the man April 11, 2008
A type of Christian, and about half of all the Christians in America. Lukewarm Christians are usually young people who regularly attend church on Sundays and sometimes "try to act holy" but act like non-Christians every other day of the week.

Characteristics of a fake Christian: They often attend Sunday Church as a way of making themselves feel less guilty for getting wasted Saturday night. They confess their sins but make no effort to correct their mistakes. They read the Bible perhaps once a week, or maybe even never. Deep down inside, they probably question God's existence, but keep it secret while continuing to claim Christianity as their faith. They only want to pray to God when they're unbelievably desperate or in need of cash. They think it's perfectly acceptable to associate themselves with non-Christians. They even acuse regular Christians, their own people, of being bigots and radicals. In other words, they are hypocrites. Big fat liars. Watever.
Christian: Chuch was pretty good today. I feel like I really learned something that could better my life. What do you think?

Lukewarm: OMFG Did you see that one chick in the choir? She was a hella thick broad! Ohhhh....uhhh...the sermon was good too. I guess.

Christian: You shoulda been paying attention to the pastor. But anyways, what do you wanna do now?

Lukewarm: Let's get drunk

Christian: But its against the Bible to abuse your body like that...

Lukewarm: C'mon man, the pastor aint lookin! I'm pretty sure God won't mind.
#christian #christianity #faith #hypocrite #atheist #atheism #free thinker #lukewarm #bigot #radical #bible #liar #sin #holy #religion
by JT the man March 17, 2008
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