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A nickname for one of the following:

1. one who speaks to Otis Criley in NYC
2. one who loves getting stratched
3. one who experiences the stizz
4. one who is a night-scratcher (post 9-5pm), and fighter of the day scratcher
Average Blo suits up everyday and goes to work from 9 to 5 in Mecca, USA. On his way home on 6th Ave and 31st st., he enters The Tower 58G - a true 4th roommate.

Upon his entrance at the door, he's saluted with, "Scratch Boy!!".

He eats dum dums, night scratches with Otis Criley, blazes crushes, and gets a quick beej in the master room while looking out at lower Manhattan.

Upon his exist, he's waived goodbye with"C-ya Scratch Boy!!"
by JSal @ 1Shy December 30, 2010

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