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Cherokee Highschool is quite an interesting place. You may be a freshman, or sophomore, but you're not treated like you're in highschool until you reach 11th grade. You must shove food down your throat in 25 minutes, and if you wish to take your vitamin water out of the lunch room, you pretty much have to shove it up your ass and walk out with it...trust me, they'll find it anywhere else. Despite that fact that over 25,000 text messages fly out of the building during the first half of the day, teachers still treat phones as if we're going to use them to nuke the damn place. Parking is ridiculous. You DO NOT have to get there at 6:30 to get a spot. The only time you DO is when noob juniors who just got their licenses tell every other fucking junior you need to get there at the crack ass of dawn, or it'll be full. Thank you assholes. Anyone in psych would agree with the following 3 word description of said parking issue...Self Fulfilling Prophecy. Stereotyping and Ignorance among peers is at such a high level that a girl can't join a sports team without SOMEONE deeming them lesbo, and a guy can't have even the slightest sense of style without being labeled a fag. Most people in Cherokee need serious reality checks, because as soon as highschool is over those are the only kinds of checks they'll be seeing. That's right girls, no more Mommy&Daddy funds. Grow up.
(2 girls leaving Cherokee Highschool after 13th period)

"Omg girl, we have to go shopping today!"

"Let's do it! I still have my mom's last blank check!"
by JSMITH2345 February 24, 2010

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