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The best place in the world, for the 3 best people in the world. Oh yeah, and a fake shut_her_mouth.
Chum: she want 'awwww"
JSA thinking "I am so sbhqing that!"

SBHQ4E!!! 9!

(_l_) } (o c o)
by JSA May 03, 2005
An abbreviation for "For (4) myself"
I am 4ms.
Torie is the 4ms Man.
I want the entire pizza 4ms.
by jsa August 12, 2006
Stands for: Under The Radar.

Used when playing Online Reality Games. It describes someone that is being quiet, and unnoticeable in a reality game. The person doesn't win many challenges, does not make many alliances, and does make a big deal of things.
On the latest season of Survivor, Jenn's stratigy was UTR.
by JSA May 22, 2005

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