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same as bullshit, but fluffier and less meaningful.
Really, Mitt Romney said that? Yes, but it is all a bunch of bullmitt.
by jryan September 22, 2012
the process of disregarding your true beliefs and conveying what your audience wants to hear.
Suffering from a case of mittromneya, the science teacher convinced the fifth grade class that the earth is flat.
by jryan September 24, 2012
The act of swirling a womans hair inside a toilet bowl full of recently excreted diarrhea, while penetrating her from behind.
Hey, did I tell you about how I gave Natasha an "Amarillo Dirt Devil" the other night?

She'll be walking funny, and washing corn out of her hair for the next two days.

by JRyan September 21, 2007

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