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From the television program Angel, Charles Gunn is a kiss-ass black guy who, among a cadre of people with special powers, is the king because of his greater power: being black!
Carries an awesome baseball bat with a sharpened end, and has many humorous lines.

Charles Gunn: (looking at a heart monitor graph) "It kinda looks like art. I call it 'it takes more'n dat to kill me punk!' The 'punk' makes it art."

Charles Gunn is a legend.
by JRussellH May 21, 2006
A chav in a box - preferably a coffin.
(In a rather high-brow British accent, upon coming across a chav funeral) Hurrah, another of those bastards innit!
by JRussellH May 09, 2006
Verb - the act of slapping some unfortunate soul around the face with one's balls, hopefully resulting in an incomparable shriek of horror from the victim.
That's it, you're in for a teabaggin' now, mum!


Do you like teabags? You do? Excellent...
by JRussellH May 13, 2006

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