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Verb. To fall from a great height and hit the ground.
Scott was way above his last piece of pro when he fell and he totally decked.
by jrw April 24, 2005
see: stepford wife it comes from a movie, The Stepford Wives, and is usually used in reference to politicians' wifes.

Some will say H. Clinton, others will say L. Bush
I doubt any would say it for Kerry's wife.
His wife just sits there while he spits shizzy.
by JRW January 24, 2005
Verb. To climb viciously hard. Often said of someone who climbs powerful routes at high volume.
Lisa Rands climbed six V7's today; she cranks!
by jrw April 24, 2005
Noun. In climbing, a free-fall (usually >50 feet) lasting long enough for you to empty your lungs and refill them for a second scream.
Did you hear about Scott's ride yesterday? He took a screamer on El Cap.
by jrw April 29, 2005
See: Libtard
Combination of Liberal and Terd
I sat through Moore's movie with the rest of the libterds.
by JRW January 24, 2005
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