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To know all of what is happening at any given time; to have a lot of friends and connections.
"Yo man, I'm bored.. anything going on tonight?"
"Why don't you call James? He's in the know."

"I gotta find someone in the know, so I can pick up some weight and get my business off the ground."
by JRS April 29, 2004
1. Statement or command used to signify the beginning of an action or event immediately, without further delay. May be used in a positive or negative connotation.
2. see also: get it on
"Hey! You wanna beef motherfucker?!"
"Allright sucka, let's do this."
by JRS April 29, 2004
(originating from the concatenation of sex and queef; comparable to a wet fart)
1. A sex fart; also known as the sound a vagina makes when air is forced inside, but promptly displaced by another object
2. The resulting sound of two solid, lubricated surfaces suctioning away from one another (as in intercourse when sweat covers two opposing body parts and contact between the two has momentarily subsided)

The young girl, already nervous about losing her virginity, panicked when she thought she ruined the experience by passing gas. Her boyfriend, already accustomed to this sort of situation, tried to comfort her by explaining that she squeefed. His efforts were sabotage by abrupt laughter. She cried.
by JRS November 04, 2003
in relation to served, in a dance competition, sWerved relates to getting your ass handed to you, when you have no comeback to say.
you suckas got sWerved!
by JRS May 08, 2004
Verb. From 'napster'. To aquire via a peer to peer file-sharing application.
I wish I could get Aqua Teen Hunger Force in this country. I guess I'll just have to nap it for the moment.
by jrs March 23, 2004
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