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The act of mixing up a person's first and last name because their last name could easily pass for a first name, provoking extreme anger from a person.

Usually only premenent in italian New Jersey suburbs, because of the stress of maintaining a constant fist pump whenever listening to 'Guido Beats'. This fist pumping action results in extreme irritablility, therefore a heightened reaction from the first-last name mix up.
Dayo: Why did jordan storm off like that?

Jer: Well you completely Jordan-kyle'd him.

Dayo: Well his parents were dumb enough to give him a last name that could be a first name he deserved it..
by JROC444 December 06, 2010
When a straight man, spends an entire night picking up an extremely sexy girl, and takes her home under the impression he's about to get incredibly lucky, starts fooling with her, goes down her pants only to find a massive cock.

Usually observed by a bystander, who laughs hysterically knowing the girl's shemale identity.
Jer: So what happened with that girl last night?

Dayo: Man, i brought her home, and found she had a fucking cock bigger than mine.

Jer: (Laughs) I know man, I Sheboozled you, pay back's a bitch fagget.
by JROC444 November 24, 2010

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