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An American citizen deviod of height. A midget, shorty, leprechaun, gnome or munchkin.
Before the Fall of 2009 Micro-Americans were commonly refered to asmidgets or little people.
by JRKJR October 23, 2009
Tom Cable (noun) 1: Is the Head Coach of the Oakland Raiders. Tom Cable is a violent man who allegedly attacks women and assisant coaches.
(verb) 2: To Tom Cable someone you must punch,bitch slap,hit,smack,or attack their face and or head.
Example one: The next time I see Joe I will Tom Cable his punk ass!
Example two: I'm so pissed off right now I could go all Tom Cable up in this bitch!
by JRKJR November 05, 2009
When someone declares Jihad on your toilet and completely destroys the toilet along with most of the bathroom. Generally leaveing an unholy and enormous blast radius. You will be left with a totally clogged toilet and most of your house will smell like death.
Joe, the Toilet Terrorist came over last night and wrecked my entire apartment with the bomb he dropped in my toilet!
by JRKJR January 23, 2010
1: A baby born into a very wealthy family.
2: A very short man that thinks he has mad skills.
Example 1: David Beckham's son is such a Baby Baller.
Example 2: Dude 1: Check out that shorty!

Dude 2: What a Baby Baller.
by JRKJR November 24, 2009
The fear of having skinny unmuscluar legs or chicken legs.
I have a chickenlegaphobia, so I work my legs three times a week.
by JRKJR August 13, 2014

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