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(noun): term used to refer to a lost kitty and a ferocious lioness who fall in love under odd circumstances. The members of a larvans tend to fall into deep, unequivocal love strangely quick, and often spend inexplicable amounts of time sleeping under tables. Separating members of a larvans is extremely dangerous, as they often claw and purr until they reunite.
Fun frat dude: Yo bro, bring those plates of bacon and eggs over here so we can get come protein, breakfast-style.

Concerned frat dude on-looker: Bro, watch out! There is a larvans under that kitchen table! You know it'll freak out if you get too close.

Fun frat dude: Woah, thanks bro. That could have gotten ugly. I for sure didn't want that cat purring at me all day.
by JR the cabbie April 28, 2011

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