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Any of a number of activist cause supporters, ie ecologists, whoes personal behavior is diametrically opposed to the beliefs (s)he espouses.
Look at that Hippie-krit, he just got elected president of the sierra club and he's driving an SUV.
by JR Hannafin July 05, 2004
A maxcapper is someone who can top any story, anything you say you did he says he did it first, or he did it better, or his was bigger, or he made more money, or he caught the bigger fish. Usually a liar, and eager to start meaningless arguments. alt. Captain Max or Mr. MaxThat
That maxcapper told me he won two oscars when he heard I won a medal for eight years' service to the community. Who is he, Captain Max? Mr. Maxthat? Sir max a lot?
by JR Hannafin July 05, 2004
1. Someone who is so much of a hippie that he oozes hippiness from every pore, and in every dimension displays hippiedom... syn. flower child, true child of the 60s

2. A young african american college student who has met some hippies and has embraced the hippie culture so enthusiastically that she comes off as a cartoon version of tommy chong.
1. Tommy Chong, now that guy is Hippie3

2. Take a look at Deandra and Shonisha, ever since they started hanging out with Tommy Chong they dress and act SO Hippie3.
by JR Hannafin July 17, 2004

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