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3 definitions by JPo74400

No hands?
No tits?
Use your pits!

You are the recipient of a pit wank when your girl clinches her arm close to her side and allows you to jerk off in the orifice that she has created.
Guy #1 to Guy #2 – Hahaha look at that girl over there her arms are stuck to her sides. She must have given her bloke a pit wank earlier!
by JPo74400 June 24, 2011
When a priest either services or is serviced by a young boy (preferably an altar boy) on the Sabbath. As the Sabbath is a holy day the priest will feel religious guilt for engaging in these activities so will attempt to assuage these unpleasant feelings by reciting the Lord’s Prayer until climax.
Altar Boy #1 – Is that Father Smith reciting the Lord’s Prayer in the vestry?

Altar Boy #2 – Yeah after a hard morning at work he’s getting his Sunday Service.
by JPo74400 June 23, 2011
A condition brought on by an intense hangover. Even the most mundane situation or comment suddenly seems hilarious. It is thought to be triggered by a combination of sleep deprivation and the sufferer's desperate need to be distracted from how terrible they are feeling.
Guy 1 - "What is she creasing herself over?"

Guy 2- "Don't know. It's probably nothing though. She's got a severe case of hangover hilarity today."
by JPo74400 April 20, 2011