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2 definitions by JPistoia

This is the correct spelling of the word.

-It's Italian-American slang for eggplant which is a derogatory term used against blacks.
-They are called eggplants because "their heads look like the bottom of an eggplant."
1.Look at that melignon!
by JPistoia May 08, 2008
-Guido actually translates to guy in English. It's a name. Nowadays, it's used as a racial slur against Italian guys. Usually the morons who speak like illiterates (i.e "not for nothin, how ya doin, my mudda, check out dat broad!" etc)

-They give genuine Italian people a bad name
a. That guys a real guido, listen to the way he speaks.
1.Check out dat broad. Ohh!
2.Eh oh! How ya doin!
3. Look at that fuckin melignon (pronounced mool-in-yon)
by JPistoia May 08, 2008