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3 definitions by JPere

Emails Per Day. The amount of email sent/received from a single contact in one day.
I average 13 EPD with my BEF (best email friend)
by JPere July 21, 2008
1) Nick Name for Barack Obama. Also known as "The Rock Bomba" "The Rock Bomb" or just "Rock Bomb"

This term is used endearingly by supporters, who consider him to be "the bomb" or strong as a rock.
The term is also used as an insult by opposers who believe he is dumb as a rock, and that the decision to elect him will blow up in our faces.

2) A drink in tribute to Barack Obama, and influenced by Jager Bombs. Ingredients are TBD? But may include black, white, and blue liquids. May be layered.
Carla: Who did you vote for young man?
Stoned Dude: I don't remember mister, but I hope it was for the ROCK BOMBAAAAAH!
by JPere November 08, 2008
Best Email Friends. The person you email, most frequently, and are closest to through email. This persons emails are the most anticipated by you and also inspires you to compose your best emails.May or may not be your BFF or person closest to you in other forms of communication.
I'm up to 13 EPD (email per day) with Megan, she's my BEF.
by JPere July 21, 2008