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2 definitions by JP91

The Snapchat user with the insatiable urge to take a picture of their genitals and distribute it generously to a number of unsuspecting victims in their contact list.

Typically, the Snaptwat will set the timer to two seconds, effectively eliminating the possibility of the recipient taking a screenshot and using it for the purposes of blackmail at a later date.
"I just received a Snapchat from my grandad".

"What is it of?".

"It's just another picture of his wrinkly, old bollocks"

"Your grandad is such a Snaptwat!"
by jp91 June 02, 2013
the act of seducing a female with the intention of using her purely for fornication, supplementing one's monetary worth, and then never communicating with her afterward.
Dude, I went to this girl's house last night. She made me a sammwich, blew me, and then gave me $40.00 for gas. Totally booned her.
by JP91 December 16, 2010