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95 definitions by JP

1. The act of acting in a hardcore off the hizzy matter
2. No remorse or pussy shit invloved
3. Nothing can TOP SAVAGE.
We drink and smoke all night cuz we are Savage.
by Jp November 17, 2003
Letters "A" should be written with scandinavian alphabeth "Ä".
Finlands LeafNation headquarters. Best place to be in Finland.
Ähtäri. Finlands LeafNation headquarters. Best place to be in Finland.
by JP May 09, 2004
A vagina that smells like runts
Hey liz your runtbag smells fruity don't you clean down there?
by jp January 14, 2004
to be in service to another
we were waiting for Kiet so we could leave for the tournament, but he was cooking breakfast for his brother or something. His brother's got him wearing the assless chaps again.
by JP November 05, 2003
The act of shooting cum on a females face.
I gave Jane a nice shake shot lastnight.
by JP January 18, 2005
this word is what u yell when u are lost in the woods or in distress. it is a drunken call to ur friends for help.
(person 1 yelling) yooo where are u guys at man???
(person 2 responds with) Baba Ganoosh!!!
(person 1) baba Ganoosh!!!
by JP January 14, 2005
To lay comfortably with another person without any ties to a relationship or thoughts of sex; completely platonic
My best friend and I snoogled while we watched a movie
by JP October 25, 2004