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1. The act of acting in a hardcore off the hizzy matter
2. No remorse or pussy shit invloved
3. Nothing can TOP SAVAGE.
We drink and smoke all night cuz we are Savage.
by Jp November 17, 2003
Letters "A" should be written with scandinavian alphabeth "Ä".
Finlands LeafNation headquarters. Best place to be in Finland.
Ähtäri. Finlands LeafNation headquarters. Best place to be in Finland.
by JP May 09, 2004
A vagina that smells like runts
Hey liz your runtbag smells fruity don't you clean down there?
by jp January 14, 2004
The act of shooting cum on a females face.
I gave Jane a nice shake shot lastnight.
by JP January 18, 2005
a masturbation tool used by welsh people and derby county fans alike.

sheep own new zealand.
shut up you dirty sheep shagging bastards!
by JP March 29, 2004
a mediocre hockey player that has achieved mythical greatness through no fault of his own.

Used primarily as a non-sequitur.
That movie? BobRouse. Could it have been worse?
by JP November 07, 2003
A post on a blog that readers will love, but doesn't take much work on your part to post.

A subject that is such a good fit for the genre of your blog that your readers will eat it up.
The latest Ann Coulter book filled with distortions will provide tons of blogcandy for the liberal blogiverse.
by JP November 07, 2003

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