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(noun) More politically correct term that red-necks use for the punk-ass thugs who are known to hang out at movie theaters and malls in large quantities and also known to greet each other with "Yo dawg!". Males can be identified by the pants they wear around their knees and females of this variety tend to not wear pants (for very long).
Man I don't go to Regency Mall anymore, they got too many yo-dogs up thar.
by JP January 16, 2005
Noun: A young kittenish man from Kansas of German descent. Likes playing Halo and watching crazy movies with JP.
EX: Look at Dough Kitty pole vault. What a stud.
by JP December 19, 2004
The worst cum dumpster, cigarette smoking , yells at her 12 kids all the time, greasy, smelly, shitty trailer park bitch that will blow your grandfather just to eat the corn out of his shit.
That bitch is a scraggity ann!
by JP December 31, 2003
adj. - the furthest degree of retardation.
Some of your ideas are plain dumb, but that has to be the mostarded thing you've ever said.
by JP November 08, 2003
a home boy or bro
"what up snooka" if you were sayin that to a friend or someone close
by jp October 27, 2003
meaning someone who is cool
jaypo is the best and is super cool
by jp January 04, 2005
The identification and exploitation of a risk free situations by means of an elaborate scheme or scam for minor financial rewards.
Rico loved the jarbitrage of buying cases of soda at the store, then selling them individually for a nickel profit each.
by JP November 26, 2003
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