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One of the biggest radio stations in the DC/Metropolitan area. Launched many no-name bands into MTV stardom. Broadcasted for 36 years until it was suddenly and tragically changed into a crappy salsa station by the evil Infinity Radio corporation.
The legendary 99.1 wHFS, the TRUE alternative...
by JP January 13, 2005
To get hit in the nuts. To get sacked. Fuckin' ouch.
**Andy hits someone in the nuts

Andy:"fa dinger"

Someone:"Fuck you Andy, nobody likes you!"
by JP January 02, 2005
What President Bush says when he forgets his scripted answer and makes an accidental allusion to the most significant form of religious imperialism of all time.
Reporter: Well Mr. Bush, what are we going to do about these terrorists?

Bush: Well, we're going to conduct a crusade...

Reporter: *Cringe*
by JP May 01, 2004
or nuke-a-burger franchise. Another name for McDonalds. Named so, for their use of microwave ovens. Nuke means to heat in a microwave oven.
Hey, lets find a nuke-a-burger and get something to eat.
by jp February 04, 2004
the one person who got ViperX down to his knees.
by jp August 20, 2003
Noun: A person/thing that eats excessive amounts of food and may or may not be obese.
The Don's obese cat Fred is a FattyMcFatFat because he simply eats far too much.
by JP November 29, 2004
a euphemism for defecation.
i'll be right back, i have to go download the brown report. it may take a while because i have a slow connection.
by JP November 07, 2003

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