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Fo sho' its a car. But it done got meaning son.
Look at that fool. Thinks he's all that. He's got 20's on a godamn PONTIAC.

Fo' sho son. Holla out to the 804. JP out.
by JP February 01, 2005
Comes from the frech word bourgeois, meaning of the middle class. Is typically a derogratory term.
"Man that cell phone is booji, it doesnt even have a camera"
or damn
"That old ford of yours is booji"
by JP June 24, 2004
The talented rap duo of Malice and Pusha T; recently whored out to McDonald's for that corporation's "I'm Lovin' It" ad campaign.

Street credibility: zero.
by JP October 10, 2003
also known as tu

students are called tea sippers because they are a bit limp wristed

Full of hippies and queers
the university of texas is the 2ns best university in texas
by JP January 28, 2005

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