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A PC game the is a first person shooter, it comes from the ever popular doom.
"Hew wanna get a quake 3 game started?"
by Jp February 20, 2003
The way I do things/the way I present myself with skill
You know I don't get down like that....You know my Steez.
by JP October 28, 2003
When your girlfriend is licking oones ass and at the same time she wanks one off.
Jocelyn's tongue was dirty and then she reached around .......... and played the trombone
by JP March 07, 2005
Polynesians from the island of Tonga. Most are either Catholic or Mormon. They are some of the largest people ever. Bob Marley is like a god to them. The most heavily Tongan populated city in the United States is Euless, Texas. Most of them smoke weed which is what prevents a lot of them from making it big in the NFL. In about 6 years, everybody in America will know what a tongan is based on Ofa Moheatau. He'll be bussin heads in the NFL. They usually have a hate for Samoans. Samoans also have a hate for Tongans. Usually in any samoan on tongan fight, it is the tongan that wins. All Tongans are some how related. The entire race.
Tongans are huge!
by JP June 17, 2004
Gods fuck toy.
Man, that kid is a GFT.
by JP December 22, 2003
Tiny rubber super balls, such as the kind bought in supermarket vending machines.
"Kate threw a handfull of the things into the small room, and slammed the door before it's sole occupant could escape. 'You'll get your comeuppance!' She screamed."
by JP October 26, 2004
Where David is right now
Hey Dave, hows the friend zone?
by JP March 28, 2005
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